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Ancient Traditional Art Works - Notebook

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  • Size: 13.2 x 18.3 cm / 5.20 x 7.20"
  • Materials: High-Quality Paper
  • Colors: Multicolor
  • Quantity: 80 Sheets / 160 Pages
  • Paper Style: Blank Paper

Delve into the pages of history with the "Ancient Traditional Art Works - Notebook," a testament to the time-honored elegance of bygone eras. This notebook is not only a tribute to artistic mastery but also an embodiment of sophisticated craftsmanship.


  • Stitched Binding Craftsmanship: Our notebooks are bound with a classic stitched technique that ensures pages turn smoothly and stay firmly in place, reducing the likelihood of pages falling out with extensive use.

  • Arc Corner Design: Each corner of the notebook has been meticulously designed with an arc shape to minimize wear and tear, ensuring the longevity of every page.

  • 180-degree Lay-Flat Design: With the ability to open at 180 degrees, this notebook stays flat for a seamless writing experience, facilitating both ease and comfort for the user.

  • Cream-Colored Pages: The gently off-white hue of the pages is easy on the eyes, reducing glare and creating a vintage ambiance that complements the traditional art theme.

  • Exposed Spine Binding: Featuring an exposed spine binding, our notebook opens smoothly, ensuring that you can turn pages without interruption and enjoy a writing experience that is as effortless as it is comfortable.

This notebook is not just a stationery item but a piece of heritage that brings the comfort and reliability of ancient bookmaking to your fingertips, allowing for a writing journey that is both fluid and enjoyable.

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