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Auspicious Beasts - Blessing Fragrance Sachet

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Color May you find happiness (Panda)
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Product Detail
  • Package Size: 120 mm x 245 mm / 4.72 in x 9.65 in
  • Sachet Size  77 mm x 240 mm / 3.03 in x 9.45 in (With tassel)
  • Materials: Embroidered Fabric | Paper with color printing (Box Packaging) 
  • Colors: Multicolor
Product Description

This series captures the essence of traditional Eastern blessings through the depiction of revered animals, each embroidered with exceptional care on a delicate fabric sachet.

Choose from our selection to channel specific positive energies into your space:

  • Panda: May you find happiness. The panda, a symbol of gentle strength and peaceful coexistence, is believed to bring joy and balance.
  • Swallow: May you find peace and love. Known for its grace and agility, the swallow signifies hope, new beginnings, and affection.
  • Butterfly: May you find your love. Butterflies are emblems of transformation and beauty, often associated with romantic love and companionship.
  • Crane: May you find your freedom. The crane stands for longevity and freedom, soaring through the skies with ease.
  • Qilin: May you find great wealth. The mythical qilin, with its dragon-like features, is said to attract prosperity and success.

Encased in a complementary-colored sachet and adorned with a matching tassel, these pendants are perfect for infusing your car, wardrobe, or living space with a light, refreshing fragrance. Each sachet is a token of well-being, intended to bring forth the rich cultural heritage that each beast represents.

Included in each package:

  • 1 x Auspicious Beast Embroidered Fragrance Sachet
  • 1 x Elegant, color-coordinated tassel for hanging
  • 1 x Luxurious presentation box with a description of the beast's significance

These fragrance sachets are not merely decorative. They serve as carriers of hope and bearers of the ancient wisdom that each creature symbolizes. Let the Auspicious Beasts - Blessing Fragrance Sachet be a guide to the fulfillment of your deepest wishes.

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