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Auspicious Beasts - Rounded Car Fragrance Sachet Pendant

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  • Package Size: 120 mm x 245 mm / 4.72 in x 9.65 in
  • Sachet Size 77 mm x 240 mm / 3.03 in x 9.45 in (With tassel)
  • Materials: Embroidered Fabric | Paper with color printing (Box Packaging) 
  • Colors: Multicolor
Product Description 

Transform your car into a haven of aromatic bliss and cultural elegance with our Auspicious Beasts - Rounded Car Fragrance Sachet Pendant. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of mythical creatures in Eastern folklore, each pendant features an exquisitely embroidered beast known to bring good luck and ward off negative energies.

Options include:

  • The majestic lion, as a powerful and regal beast, is a bearer of fortunate tidings and good luck. The lion's strength and authority are seen as positive omens in many cultures, and thus it is wished that these qualities will be transferred to the recipient in their life's pursuits.
  • The graceful deer  would invoke the deer's agility and its ability to navigate the landscape with ease. It symbolizes a wish for someone to move through their journey with grace and to reach their destination safely, much like a deer moves swiftly and elegantly through the forest without harm.

These round sachets are accentuated with a matching tassel that adds a touch of sophistication to your car's interior. The carefully curated scents within the sachets are designed to provide a light and refreshing fragrance, enhancing your driving experience with a subtle, mood-lifting aroma.

Ideal for hanging on your rearview mirror or placing in a side compartment, each sachet is both a decorative piece and a functional fragrance diffuser. It's the perfect gift for those who appreciate a blend of tradition, artistry, and function in their vehicle.

Each package includes:

  • 1 x Rounded Car Fragrance Sachet Pendant with Auspicious Beast embroidery
  • 1 x Coordinated hanging tassel for an elegant display
  • 1 x Description card detailing the cultural significance of the featured beast

Note: The dimensions of the sachet are crafted to ensure it is an unobtrusive yet noticeable addition to your car decor. The Auspicious Beasts sachet series is a testament to timeless charm, bringing a sense of tranquility and good fortune to your daily commute.

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