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Auspicious Beasts - Scented Omamori Sachet

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  • Size: 120 mm x 200 mm / 4.72 in x 7.87 in
  • Materials: Embroidered Fabric | Paper with color printing (Box Packaging)
  • Colors: Multicolor
Product Description

Embrace the ancient tradition of protection and blessings with our Divine Blessings Omamori Scented Sachet. This exquisite collection draws on the revered Japanese custom of Omamori—amulets dedicated to specific aspects of life, providing spiritual well-being and luck.

Each sachet in the series symbolizes a unique wish: from career advancements and robust health to wealth accumulation and personal safety. These wishes are represented through beautifully crafted artwork, featuring culturally significant motifs and symbols like the soaring crane for a successful promotion, the vigilant tiger for wealth, and the serene deer for peace and safety.

Infused with a delicate fragrance, these Omamori sachets offer a sensory reminder of your intentions and aspirations. The elegant packaging, with its clear window showcasing the Omamori's intricate design, makes it a thoughtful gift or a personal talisman to carry with you.

Whether placed in a drawer, hung in a closet, or carried in a bag, the Divine Blessings Omamori Scented Sachet is not just a charming accessory but a small sanctuary of scent and symbolism to guide and protect you through life's journey.

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