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Auspicious Fortune Telling Stick - 4 Piece Metal Bookmark Gift Set

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  • Size: 188 x 175 x 35 mm / 7.40 x 6.89 x 1.38"
  • Materials: Brass with electroplating | Paper with color printing (Box Packaging)
  • Colors: Multicolor

Inspired by the ancient practice of Chinese fortune-telling, each bookmark is designed to resemble traditional fortune-telling sticks, which are often used in temples for seeking guidance from the divine.

The designs are deeply rooted in the art of Chinese fortune-telling, also known as 'Kau Cim', where each stick carries a unique number and symbol that corresponds to a specific fortune or prophecy.

While primarily used as bookmarks, these elegant pieces can also serve as decorations, letter openers, or even unique gifts for book lovers, friends, and family, especially those who appreciate cultural artifacts.

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