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Auspicious Beasts - Brooch Gift Set

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Color Crane's Return
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  • Size: 60 x 60 x 26 mm / 2.36 x 2.36 x 1.02"
  • Materials: Brass with electroplating | Paper with color printing (Box Packaging)
  • Colors: Multicolor

Each meticulously crafted piece in this collection draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of Chinese symbolism, celebrating creatures held dear in traditional lore for their good fortune and beauty.

Blessed Deer Brooch: Adorn your attire with this exquisite golden deer brooch, symbolizing longevity and prosperity. Crafted with precision, the deer's poised stance and ornate antlers reflect a noble spirit and the pursuit of higher wisdom.

Golden Pheasant Brooch: This radiant pheasant brooch, with its vibrant colors and detailed feathers, represents nobility and beauty. It's a striking piece that adds a touch of regal charm to your collection.

Colorful Butterfly Brooch: Embrace transformation and joy with this butterfly brooch, featuring a kaleidoscope of colors set in a delicate, lifelike design. It's a vibrant accessory that captures the essence of spring and the renewal it brings.

Peacock Brooch: The peacock, with its extravagant plumage, is a symbol of dignity and beauty. This brooch, with its eye-catching colors and elegant form, will add a dash of majestic flair to any ensemble.

Crane's Return Brooch: Channel the grace and serenity of the crane with this brooch. A symbol of longevity and peace, its outstretched wings offer a calming presence to any who behold it.

This collection comes in a beautifully packaged set, making it the perfect gift for lovers of unique jewelry, collectors of cultural artifacts, or as a cherished token for friends and family. Each brooch serves as a wearable omen of happiness, wealth, and good fortune.

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