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Dun Huang Fairyland - 4 Piece Metal Bookmark Gift Set

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  • Size: 305 x 130 x 26 mm / 12.01 x 5.12 x 1.02"
  • Materials: Alloy with electroplating | Paper with color printing (Box Packaging)
  • Colors: Multicolor

This exquisite Dunhuang Fairyland - 4 Piece Metal Bookmark Gift Set draws inspiration from the rich cultural heritage and art of the Dunhuang frescoes, a jewel on the Silk Road. Each bookmark in the set is meticulously crafted from metal, showcasing delicate cut-out designs that embody the grace and elegance of divine figures and motifs found in the ancient murals of the Mogao Caves.

The set includes four unique bookmarks, each with its own intricate design and vibrant, tassel embellishment. The colors chosen are reflective of the traditional palette used in Dunhuang art, providing a timeless look that captures the spirit of the historical masterpieces. The bookmarks depict celestial beings and symbolic patterns, inviting the user to a serene experience akin to reading amidst the beauty of the grottoes.

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