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Gardens on the Pages of Four Seasons - 5 Piece Metal Paperclip Gift Set

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  • Size: 220 x 100 x 25 mm / 8.66 x 3.94 x 0.98"
  • Materials: Brass with electroplating | Paper with color printing (Box Packaging)
  • Colors: Multicolor

This collection is inspired by one of the four famous classical gardens in Suzhou, China. Each set represents a different season, with corresponding designs and color themes that reflect the characteristics of the season and the specific garden it represents:

  • Spring - Inspired by The Lingering Garden, with fresh green and pink tones, designs include blooming flowers and the lively presence of animals, symbolizing the rebirth and vitality of spring.
  • Summer - Inspired by The Humble Administrator's Garden, featuring vibrant greens and designs that encompass summer elements like lotus flowers and lush greenery.
  • Autumn - Inspired by The Lion Grove Garden, with earthy colors and paperclip designs that include traditional Chinese buildings and trees with autumn foliage.
  • Winter - Inspired by Tiger Hill, with a cooler color palette and designs including bare trees and traditional architectural elements, presumably reflecting the serene and subdued beauty of a garden in winter.

Each set comes with a variety of metal paperclip sizes and designs, and packaged in a book-like box. This set would appeal to lovers of literature, gardening, and Chinese culture, serving as both practical bookmarks and decorative items.

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