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[Genshin Impact] Character Badge - Engraving Style

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Characters Raiden
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Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of Teyvat with our "Engraving Style" Character Badge. Drawing inspiration from classic engraving techniques, this badge showcases your favorite Genshin Impact characters in a beautifully intricate black and white design.

Monochromatic Majesty: This badge celebrates the art of engraving, with its delicate line work and detailed shading, capturing the essence of each character in a stark, yet stunning contrast.

Crafted with Precision: Made with the utmost attention to detail, the engraving style design ensures that every facet of the character's likeness is depicted with finesse and sophistication.

Vintage Vibe: The monochromatic palette combined with the intricate engraving design gives this badge a vintage feel, making it a unique and artistic addition to any collection.

Artistic Keepsake: Perfect as a gift or a personal memento, this badge is a testament to the union of classic artistry and modern gaming.

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