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[Genshin Impact] Character Badge Pin - Shimmering CyberPunk Design

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Characters Zhongli
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This pin marries the beloved characters of Teyvat with the electric, neon-lit vibes of the CyberPunk genre, creating an aesthetic that's both nostalgic and ahead of its time.

Futuristic Elegance: Each pin illuminates the Genshin characters in a reimagined CyberPunk aesthetic, characterized by vibrant neon shades, geometric patterns, and holographic shimmer, reflecting a world where fantasy meets high-tech.

High-Quality Craftsmanship: Designed with precision, our badge pin promises durability ensuring it stands the test of time, whether worn on daily adventures or kept as a prized collectible.

Distinctive Style Statement: Perfect for trendsetters and Genshin fans alike, this badge pin serves as a stylish accessory, adding a dash of futuristic flair to any ensemble.

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