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[Genshin Impact] Character Standee - Summer Edition

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Characters Xiao
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Seaside Stories: Watch as Xiao, often the aloof adeptus, takes a rare moment to relish the gentle sea breeze, while Hu Tao, the ever-playful funeral parlor director, jests under the sun's rays. Ganyu, the half-qilin, meanwhile, serenely gazes at the horizon, her tranquil demeanor echoing the calm of a summer's day.

Crystal Clear Moments: Crafted meticulously from top-tier acrylic, this standee brings to life every detail, from the shimmering sunlit reflections to the intricate summer outfits adorning our heroes.

Sunshine On Display: The sturdy base of the standee ensures it stands resolutely, making it a radiant addition to any desk, bookshelf, or Genshin-themed space.

Collector's Sunbeam: An essential piece for aficionados of the Genshin universe, this standee encapsulates the magic of summer in Teyvat, casting the familiar in a new, warm light.

Gift of the Golden Hour: Perfect for those enchanted by Genshin's rich lore or fans of Xiao, Hu Tao, and Ganyu, this standee captures the essence of summer, making it a delightful keepsake or gift.

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