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[Genshin Impact] Characters Double-sided Foiling Bookmark - Collector's Edition

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Characters Focalors
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Two Facets, One Fable: Dive deep into the world of Genshin Impact with two enchanting visuals. Each side of this bookmark presents a unique foiling design, enabling you to switch between characters or stories with a mere twist.

Craftsmanship of Excellence: Made with precision, this bookmark is not only visually captivating but also durable. Its high-quality copperplate paper ensures longevity, while the intricate foiling captures the essence of Teyvat's charm.

Ethereal Elegance: This isn't just a bookmark; it's a fusion of art and passion, reflecting the magnificence of the Genshin universe. Every glance promises a reminder of the adventures and tales that await in Teyvat.


Material: Copperplate Paper

Size: 21cm*7cm (8.27 inches x 2.76 inches)

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