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[Genshin Impact] Double-sided Tote Bag - Character Series

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Characters Wriothesley
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A Journey of Quality: Crafted from durable materials, this tote bag is both resilient and soft to touch. It's designed to endure the weight of your daily essentials while ensuring comfort on your journey.

Teyvat's Tapestry: Immerse in vivid and detailed prints, capturing the essence of the beloved Genshin characters in all their glory. From Mondstadt's breezes to Liyue's lanterns, each design element tells a tale.

Eco-friendly Exploration: Embrace a sustainable choice without compromising on style. This reusable tote is a step towards reducing waste, all while flaunting your Genshin allegiance.


Material: Canvas
Size: 42cm x 33 cm
Premium Quality
Eco-Fridendly Materials
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