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[Genshin Impact] Single Layer Acrylic Character Standee - Splash Art Edition

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Vibrant Visualization: Featuring a dazzling splash art design, the standee brings to life the dynamic poses and expressions of your favorite characters, evoking the essence of their in-game moments.

Crystal Clear Acrylic: Crafted with premium-quality single-layer acrylic, the standee ensures durability while offering a clear, unobstructed view of the intricate artwork.

Desk-Perfect Design: With its sturdy base and optimal size, this standee is designed to grace your workspace, shelf, or display cabinet, adding a touch of Genshin magic wherever it stands.

Collector's Choice: An ideal pick for Genshin enthusiasts, the Splash Art Edition standee is a delightful addition to any collection, merging artistry with admiration for the game.

Memorable Gift: Whether it's for a fellow traveler in Teyvat or for personal keepsake, this standee serves as a beautiful reminder of the journeys and tales of Genshin Impact.

Elevate your Genshin collection with our Splash Art Edition Acrylic Character Standee—a vibrant tribute to the heroes of Teyvat.

Material: Acrylic / PVC
Size: ~16cm
Premium Quality
Eco-Fridendly Materials
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