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[Genshin Impact] Teyvet Style vol.5 Acrylic Standee - It's Showtime Series (Kaeya / Klee)

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Characters Klee (Blossoming Starlight)
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A Theatrical Treat: Kaeya's suave demeanor and Klee's boundless energy come alive, as if caught mid-performance in a grand Teyvat show, ready to captivate and charm.

Clear As Day: Using premium-quality acrylic, the standee ensures that every color pops, every detail shines, and every pose tells a story.

Ready for the Limelight: With its sturdy design, this standee takes center stage on any desk, shelf, or display area, bringing a touch of theatrical flair to your space.

Collector's Encore: As the fifth installment in the Teyvet Style series, this standee is a must-have for Genshin enthusiasts, perfectly encapsulating the game's blend of drama and delight.

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