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[Honkai Star Rail] Tarot Cards - 22-Card Set

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Product Detail
  • Size: 140 mm x 70 mm / 5.51 x 2.76 inches
  • Materials: Paper 
  • Colors: Multicolor
  • PackagingCardboard case with special design
Product Features:
  • Theme: 'Honkai: Star Rail' series-inspired Tarot Deck
  • Quantity: Complete set of 22 Major Arcana cards
  • Illustrations: High-definition, full-color character artwork
  • Characters Include: The Moon, The High Priestess, The Devil, Strength, Temperance, The Wheel of Fortune, The Empress, and more
  • Material: Durable card stock with a premium finish
  • Card Size: 140mm x 70mm / 5.51 x 2.76 inches
Product Description:

Immerse yourself in the cosmic journey of tarot with this exclusive 'Honkai: Star Rail' Tarot Card Deck. Each of the 22 Major Arcana cards features a beloved character from the game, rendered in stunning full-color and high-definition detail. From the enigmatic 'Moon' to the authoritative 'Empress,' these cards bring the game's rich lore to your tabletop gaming experience. The deck is housed in an elegantly designed box that echoes the game's interstellar aesthetics, making it a must-have for collectors and tarot enthusiasts alike. Whether used for traditional tarot reading or as a cherished display piece, this tarot card deck promises to be a conversation starter.

  • Box Design: Themed, with 'Honkai: Star Rail' and tarot motifs
  • Box Dimensions: Sized to fit the tarot cards snugly for safe storage
Ideal For:
  • Tarot enthusiasts and collectors
  • Fans of the 'Honkai: Star Rail' game series
  • Tabletop gamers looking for unique playing cards

Enhance your collection and divination practices with the mystique of 'Honkai: Star Rail'. Explore the fate and fortune as told through the cosmic lens of this beautifully designed tarot card deck.

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