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Vintage Notebook With Organizers (A6)

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Product Detail
  • Size: 120 mm x 200 mm / 4.72 in x 7.87 in
  • Materials: PU Leather | Paper 
  • Colors: Multicolor

Product Description

Encased in a durable and stylish cover that exudes an old-world feel, this notebook comes with two types of paper inserts to cater to all your writing and organizing needs:

  • One kraft paper insert, perfect for artful sketches, doodles, and notes that call for a sturdy, textured backdrop.
  • One Dowling paper insert, providing a supremely smooth surface that ensures a delightful writing experience, ideal for journaling, list-making, and letter writing with superb ink absorption and fidelity.

Additionally, the notebook includes two organizer inserts, meticulously designed to help you track your schedule, manage tasks, and keep important dates at the forefront. These inserts are the backbone of your daily planning, ensuring that everything you need is just a flip away.

Notebook Features:

  • Compact A6 size for portability and convenience
  • High-quality vintage cover for durability and aesthetic appeal
  • One kraft paper insert for versatile use in drawing and note-taking
  • One Dowling paper insert for exceptional writing quality
  • Two organizer inserts to streamline your planning process
  • Elastic band closure to keep your notebook secure


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